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Ex-government agent and one of the FBI’s Most Wanted fugitives, Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) mysteriously turns himself in to the FBI and offers to give up everyone he has ever worked with including a long-thought-dead terrorist but under one condition – he’ll only talk to newly-minted female FBI profiler, Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) with whom he seemingly has no connection. For Liz, it’s going to be one hell of a first day on the job and what follows is a twisting series of events as the race to stop a terrorist begins.

The.Blacklist.S01E01.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 344M 2016-May-31 10:49
The.Blacklist.S01E02.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 312M 2016-May-31 10:49
The.Blacklist.S01E03.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 322M 2016-May-31 10:49
The.Blacklist.S01E04.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 317M 2016-May-31 10:49
The.Blacklist.S01E05.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 334M 2016-May-31 10:49
The.Blacklist.S01E06.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 325M 2016-May-31 10:49
The.Blacklist.S01E07.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 333M 2016-May-31 10:49
The.Blacklist.S01E08.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 325M 2016-May-31 10:49
The.Blacklist.S01E09.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 327M 2016-May-31 10:50
The.Blacklist.S01E10.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 326M 2016-May-31 10:50
The.Blacklist.S01E11.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 323M 2016-May-31 10:50
The.Blacklist.S01E12.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 323M 2016-May-31 10:50
The.Blacklist.S01E13.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 326M 2016-May-31 10:50
The.Blacklist.S01E14.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 327M 2016-May-31 10:50
The.Blacklist.S01E15.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 326M 2016-May-31 10:50
The.Blacklist.S01E16.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 323M 2016-May-31 10:50
The.Blacklist.S01E17.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 332M 2016-May-31 10:50
The.Blacklist.S01E18.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 325M 2016-May-31 10:51
The.Blacklist.S01E19.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 321M 2016-May-31 10:51
The.Blacklist.S01E20.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 316M 2016-May-31 10:51
The.Blacklist.S01E21.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 328M 2016-May-31 10:51
The.Blacklist.S01E22.720p.BRrip-[My-Film].mkv 331M 2016-May-31 10:51

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