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Pierce is hired to determine the competency of a convicted murderer who has been granted a new trial. After examining the killer, who had subsequently suffered a brain injury and now exhibits a completely changed personality, Pierce asserts that he is essentially no longer the same person and should no longer be held accountable for the murder. His work puts him at odds with the new prosecutor Donnie Ryan, who doesn’t like the fact that Pierce is interfering with his case, or that he is such good friends with Kate, his soon to be ex-wife. (more…)

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“A Beaver’s Tail” The Family awakens one morning and discovers a lake outside their home. When the water rises and begins to flood the farmhouse, Courage reluctantly goes to find the cause. He finds a beaver completing a huge dam on the Nowhere River. Courage must get the beaver to stop building the dam and save his family and home from being flooded out. “The Nutcracker” The Family browses in a junkyard and accidentally get locked in. As evening falls, evil rats emerge and begin a macabre dance to music from “The Nutcracker Suite.” The rats capture Muriel and The … (more…)

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“Muriel Meets Her Match” Maria and her husband Mano, on the lam from the law, park their trailer next door to the Farmhouse. Maria disguises herself as Muriel in order to steal a diamond, and Muriel is arrested. Courage must get the mix-up straightened out so Muriel can be exonerated. “Courage vs. Mecha-Courage” The Farmer decides to replace Courage with a technologically superior dog. Courage must prove his merit. (more…)

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