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The Doctor along with an Amy and Rory who are headed for divorce are kidnapped by the Daleks. They find themselves before the Dalek Parliament and the Doctor is quite surprised when he learns why: they want the him to save them. A ship has crashed on the one place they will not go – the Asylum, where mad Daleks are sent to spend their days. Once there, they are assisted by the only survivor of the crash, Oswin, who has been there for a year awaiting rescue and making soufflĂ©’s to pass the time. Which leads the Doctor to ask the most important question of all: where … (more…)

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The Doctor finds his TARDIS colliding with a spaceship based on the RMS Titanic during a Christmas party. With the help of a waitress named Astrid, the Doctor must take on the race called the Hosts as the lives of the Titanic crew and those on Earth are in danger. (more…)

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Rose Tyler is just an ordinary shop worker living an ordinary life in 21st century Britain. But that life is turned upside down when a strange man calling himself The Doctor drags her into an alien invasion attempt! (more…)

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